Monthly Archives: July 2014

Put a bird on it!

Hey friends!! Okay, so I guess it turns out I’m really only posting once a month. Hmm… Well, we’ve been really busy and stressed with a lot of fun and issues this summer, so I just haven’t had time. Boohoo. But…tonight, the urge to do a project hit, and who can resist??
The boys were all watching Lego Batman, and it kept my attention for about 2.5 seconds. Then I started thinking about birds. What could I put a bird on? You can put a bird on a lot of things. Not a real life bird, a bird stencil.
So, I got my ugly plain white pillow and this little crate I painted yellow a while back. Two great candidates for bird stencils. Trouble is, I don’t have a bird stencil. And this was at like 10 pm. The bird stencil store was already closed. So, like I do, I winged it! Wang it??? Whatever.
First I looked online for the kind of bird I wanted. Here’s what I decided on for the pillow. Big decision…took me about 2.5 seconds.

Then I decided to just free hand it. Here’s what it looked like before I filled it in.



I used my favorite thing…Sharpie brush point! Love that little baby! It gets the job done! It really only took about 15 minutes and then bam! I put a bird on a pillow!

I like it!


I can’t decide where I like it best. Although, who am I kidding, it won’t stay in the same place the whole day since oh yes, I have 3 boys! But it looks good on the orange chair too.


Okay pillow done! Now onto the little yellow crate. Cute, little, plain crate that was begging to be cuter. I just couldn’t say no.

So….after hours 2.5 seconds of deliberating I chose this bird.


I just free handed this one too. It was pretty simple and only took a few minutes to outline, and then I filled it in.




Of course I used my beloved Sharpie again! Do you even need to ask?? Once I was done filling it in, I gave it a little sand so it doesn’t look perfect. Cuz clearly, it was perfect before the sanding. Haha, I never do anything perfect. Not even close. Like ever.
Then I set it back up on the little buffet dresser.



I totally love it!

Well, that sums up my monthly post I suppose. I had fun and it was soooo simple and easy! Turns out, as long as you have a sharpie brush tip, you can put a bird on just about anything! Thanks for reading!


P.S. Sorry for the bad quality photos. They were taken with my iPhone at night.