About Me

Hey everyone, welcome to my blog!!

Here I will share all of my crazy, easy, crafty, money-saving ways of decorating my home and doing most other things. I have basically no knowledge of most of the projects I tackle. I rarely use the right tools and products because let’s face it, who wants to walk around Home Depot with 3 children, looking for a 2″ angled paint brush when my old pastry brush will work just fine! I look online, ask around and wing it! If I lived in a perfect world I would probably walk into Home Goods and come out with $10,000 of gorgeous home decor and my house would look Pinterest worthy. Instead, I buy things at thrift stores, inherit them, or my new favorite-find stuff in my grandpa’s old barn! This stuff is usually hideous or at best, not what I want. But that is where the fun starts! I make it so that I’ll love it!

2 comments on “About Me

  1. Katie Fadenrecht

    Love it and totally following! I need you to come do this to my house! I’ll buy you make it cute

    1. Esther Post author

      Okay sounds like a plan! Also I will require jelly beans! Haha

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