Hey everyone! It’s cold and rainy outside and I’m so bummed I can’t start my backyard revamp project yet. 🙁 So sad. BUT it means I can work on some indoor projects. Woot! I’m really trying to get all the rooms in our house decorated since we’ve lived here for almost 6 MONTHS! Whoa! Time flies!
So I worked a little on the boys nautical themed room this morning (post on that to come) and this afternoon I’ve been working on their beach themed bathroom. And I think it’s done! For now. Who knows what else I might see and have to add later. But for now, I’m happy with it. The last touch was a wooden sign that I made. Here’s how…
First, find a board. Make sure it’s somewhat smooth since you’ll have to trace and write on it. I got mine at the ReStore for $1.

Next, paint it. Since my theme is beach, I wanted it to have a worn, drift-woody look. I also needed color though, since the walls are white. This is what I came up with. I just used Acrylic craft paint watered down.


Then it was time to get the lettering that I was going to use. My quote is actually a Bible verse. Mightier than the waves of the sea is His love for you. Psalm 93:4. I thought this was good for a beach theme and a good reminder I can read to the boys while I brush their teeth or (eeek!!) potty train. So, I printed out the letters in the size and font I wanted, then cut them out and laid them how I wanted them on the sign.


Then I scribbled on the back side of the words with pencil. You can be all fancy and professional and buy carbon paper, but I never do! I suppose it would be easier. But then I wouldn’t be able to let the 5 year old help me scribble. He’s always begging me to let him help with my projects and this was one where he actually could!

Once you scribble, the back of your paper looks like this…yours might not include the crazy cute child!!


Then I lay the paper down on the board and trace over the outline of the lettering with a ball point pen.

It leaves a very faint stencil, but if you squint your eyes in the right light, it’s enough to see and trace over with markers.
I use either sharpie brush point, regular sharpies or my kids’ markers. Whichever either works the best or has the right color. The letters are too small to try to fill in with craft paint and a paint brush.

Then you get this!


I had an old can of shells (yes, from a junk sale), so I decided to hot glue some sand dollars on. You know, for the beach effect.



All done! Took me about 2 hours, give or take ALOT of interruptions by annoying sweet children! I think it’s just what the beach bathroom needed to finish it off!


Here are some of the other little beachy things in there.



So that’s that! Another room done!

If you need some inexpensive, quick wall decor, or if you love old boards like me and have millions that need used, make your own cute wooden sign! And if you do, let me see how it turns out!

Thanks for reading and happy creating!

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