Man, this morning flew by! I have an uncanny ability to not realize time is passing while I’m fervently trying to finish up a project. I love projects that I can start and finish in one day. I like to see the finished product so I become crazed with finishing what I started and FAST! Today was my fastest room makeover yet! Our bedroom-decorated in one morning. This room has been bothering me for a long time because I literally have done not one thing to make the poor room look acceptable in any way. It got put on the back burner because all the other rooms get seen by people, so they’re the most important right? Wrong! I want our room to be a peaceful beautiful place. And now it’s on the road to success!

It all started with, yep, you guessed it, the glorious barn! One day when I was there my dad gave me these lovely things. Well, more like, I spotted them in the barn, asked if I could have them, he told me I was weird, and then we loaded them in my van.

I didn’t know what I’d use these shutters for I just knew something would come to me. And as sure as the sun rises in the morning, something DID come to me! (Via Pinterest, of course!)


So after having the shutters and the headboard idea for a few weeks, yesterday I decided to go for it. It would have been better if I’d gotten the inspiration to start a huge project before 5pm, but I didn’t and I rolled with it.
So I got out my leftover white thousand year old paint and added some blue and yellow to make turquoise. No surprise there!


The shutters probably should have been thoroughly scrubbed considering they’d been in the barn for a ‘coons age, but I’m me, so I gave them a couple pass overs with a dry paint brush to get the dust, cobwebs, spider bodies and saw dust off. Everything from the barn is always covered in sawdust. They looked ready to paint to me! had a few helpers!


I watered the paint down a little because I wanted a whitewashed look. I only did one light coat and you can see brush strokes and some places a little white through. It looks worn and homey rather than freshly painted and new. Which I like. By the time we were done painting it was getting dark. And cold. So we had to bring them in to dry.


I let them dry overnight and this morning, gave them a little sanding but not much. Then I put them behind the bed and made a little banner. Voila! A headboard!




Pretty easy! Just the way I like my projects! I also threw together some super fast frames and a wooden sign to hang on the walls. I’ll do a tutorial for the wooden sign in a future post.




Now our bedroom isn’t ugly anymore! Still needs some work, but it’s definitely going places now!





Now go find something old and make it amazing! Thanks for reading!

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