Okay, so I guess I’m the world’s worst blogger!! How long has it been since I wrote my last post!? I don’t even know.
Well, today I got the urge to “do” something. And any of you crafty decorators out there know what that means! Time to make something look better! I started going through my list of things to “do”. Sew new pillow covers…too time consuming. Redecorate the boys room….WAY too big a project. Stencil a pillow…don’t have all the supplies. And then it hit me!! This super, plain but cute lamp on our bedside table.

This poor lamp has been dying to get cutified (cutified?) ever since I purchased it for $8 from a thrift store months ago. I’d been looking on Pinterest to see what I could do with it. And this is what I loved.


It looked really romantic and you can write anything on it. So clearly it had to be something meaningful. I grabbed some of my son’s “special” pens. (He wasn’t too excited about this) and decided to go for it. Of course I had to use the lyrics from “our song” Yellow, by Coldplay. We have loved that song since we were 16 and Chris, very cheesily (cheesily????), sang it to me on our first walk. Oh the memories. But anyway, it actually turned out pretty good!



It took about an hour and I had to go through the lyrics about three times. It’s just enough to spruce up the lamp but not add more color. It’s just what I wanted!


Hmm…now what to do next!!!

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