Hi everyone! This post is going to veer a bit from my normal stuff but I can’t wait to show you what I’ve been up to today!

As most of you know, I’m absolutely addicted to thrift store shopping. I rarely (like seriously, I can’t remember when the last time was) pay full price for anything. It’s like a game…the hunt for what you need at a ridiculously low price!! One of the things I rarely NEVER buy full price is kids clothes. The little buggers grow so fast they don’t even stay in the same clothes for the whole season most of the time, so it’s just not worth it. Plus, it’s just fun to get a good deal!

Now that it’s October I’m starting to think of their winter wardrobes. We’ll just pretend it’s a nice cool Fall day instead of 90 degrees. 🙁 I hit up one of my favorite thrift stores today, Eco Thrift. Their selection is huge, I could literally stay all day! I had the boys with me so I couldn’t stay too long, although, too long for their taste!

I feel like there is absolutely no reason to spend tons and tons of money on kids clothes. The mall just ain’t for me!! Who cares what the label says, if it’s cute, I’m down with it!! Anyway, I could have gotten a truckload of adorable little boy clothing, but I had a few things in mind and I was trying to stick to the plan. A very hard thing for me to do while in a thrift store, mind you.

Here’s what I got for under 10 bucks!

Coat- 3.98
Gray tee- .99
Striped sweater- 1.98
Striped long sleeve tee- .99
Blue vest- 1.98

Here are some outfits I threw together. The boys are so cute in their Fall wear!!








And of course while I was there I found some things for myself. How could I refuse these??


Gray jacket- 9.98 with 50% off (no brainer!!)
Pink sweater 3.98 (um well, okay, if you insist.)
Brown purse 6.98 with 25% off (this was an actual ‘need’ I swear!)

Oh and just for fun I’ll show you the super cute shoes I got for the boys a few weeks ago.


Good old Walmart pulled through with shoes on sale for $5! Can’t say no to that!

Well, I think that covers why I’ll never pay full price for anything! There’s just simply no need! And let’s face it, my boys would look good no matter what!!

Now go get thrifty!!

Bye bye.

Disclaimer: I do not have photography skills and I use my phone. Sorry.

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