Hey everyone, welcome to my blog!! Here I will share all of my crazy, easy, crafty, money-saving ways of decorating my home and doing most other things. I have basically no knowledge of most of the projects I tackle. I rarely use the right tools and products because let’s face it, who wants to walk around Home Depot with 3 children, looking for a 2″ angled paint brush when my old pastry brush will work just fine! I look online, ask around and wing it! If I lived in a perfect world I would probably walk into Home Goods and come out with $10,000 of gorgeous home decor and my house would look Pinterest worthy. Instead, I buy things at thrift stores, inherit them, or my new favorite-find stuff in my grandpa’s old barn! This stuff is usually hideous or at best, not what I want. This is where the fun starts! I make it so that I’ll love it! Okay, so let’s get started on my first project to post!

We recently moved, I know, shocker of a lifetime, and we needed some more seating for our living room. I went to my all time favorite store The Habitat for Humanity ReStore and found these little babies. $15 each. Yes, they were slightly ugly, but I knew they had potential.

I used these chairs as is for the last few months and they were okay, but not great. I just didn’t have time to re-do them until recently. First, I knew I had to paint them because they were just too dark. Now, you’re about to think I’m crazy. A couple months ago my mom and I went to a junk sale in an old barn (I love old barn junk!) and I found this thousand year old gallon of white paint. The guy was charging us like $10 for the pile so the paint was virtually free. (I love FREE!) So I decided to use that to make homemade chalk paint for these chairs. I use plaster of Paris to make chalk paint. (I’ll post about that later).

So I open up the can and find out this is what thousand year old paint looks like.



With a little water and A LOT of stirring, it looked like this.


So then I painted on two coats. Yes, I paint in my kitchen because if I go in the garage the one year old will make my house look like the apocalypse happened.


Then I debated on whether to leave the orange cushions or recover them. I have orange as an accent color in our living room, and I decided I already have enough orange, so I’d recover them. I found this fabric on sale at another favorite store, Hobby Lobby.

Everyone knows I love turquoise, even my 5 year old niece! So, the next job was uncovering the cushions. Since I hate anything labor intensive and there were about 50,000 staples on the bottom of the cushions, I decided to just cut the upholstery off. That looked like this…

Cut and rip, cut and rip. And then they were just bare cushions. I cut out pieces of fabric and started to hot glue, (yes, hot glue, because I don’t own a staple gun yet) the fabric to the cushion. Oh, I also ironed the fabric first, so it looked nice and good. (See Mom, I learned something from all those years of ironing!)



Recovering a seat cushion is easy! Just make sure it’s tight and all the pleats and folds are going in the same direction. Oh, and you can’t be a perfectionist. I do not struggle with perfectionism. Then the seat cushion looks like this …

I wanted to try glazing for a rich, deeper look to bring out the detailing, so I bought this.

20140211-101532.jpg This is a great product. You just paint it on, make sure to get it in all the crevices, and then wipe it off with a wet rag until it looks good. I also distressed the chairs a bit first. Then you get this aged, rich look.

Then it was time to reattach the seat cushions to the chair and they’re done! What do you think?



Now I love them!


Now, go find something ugly and make it loveable! Thanks for reading! 🙂

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  1. disqus_wuGZajqQAq

    Good job, Esther. They look great.

  2. Kimmie Fitzgerald

    Gorgeous! I can use those in my ceremony setup on stage. LOL!

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