Hey everyone! I guess I have to get used to posting to the blog now that I have a blog. I’m still figuring this whole thing out!
So, I was perusing Pinterest a few weeks ago looking for ideas to spruce up the entryway to our house. It’s very small, and so while I would love to have a chair and some plants out there, there just isn’t room. So I found these inspirations…



The black one is from a site where they are for sale. But how silly would it be to buy something that I could make instead?? Silly people. So…I did what anyone would do! I went to the barn of treasures and found some old rotting, carpenter ant infested wood! My grandpa used to haul logs and apparently when they redid the freeway years ago, he brought home a load of the 4×4’s that were used in the guard rail. And then he used them for a fence for my Aunt’s horse…I think?? Then they got piled up at the house and sat for years. And then it’s NOW! And I found them! A huge pile of wood, one of my favorite things! So I dug through the leaves, dirt and pine needles until I was able to free one of the 4×4’s. I wish I’d taken a picture at this stage, cuz it was in real bad shape. But I was too excited and didn’t think of it.
Next, I asked my dad if he would chop it down for me. It was about 5 feet log and I only needed around 3 feet. Anyone who knows my dad knows there’s no such thing as a simple, short project! But this time, it was to my benefit! Here he is sawing it down, sanding it and generally being a great dad!


As we (hahaha we!) as HE started sawing it down, a ton of huge black carpenter ants swarmed out from inside the log. Just when I though I was creeped out beyond belief my dad started squishing them with HIS BARE THUMB! And then all the childhood memories of him doing this flooded back and I couldn’t decide if I was more nostalgic or grossed out. Again, I should have gotten a picture of the carpenter ant infestation, but I was too busy trying to spray them all down with any spray. I don’t use the squishing method.



I was more than prepared to just take it as is, and not have the molding around the top, but after showing him my inspiration photo, he had to do it! He’s crazy like that. So we started measuring and chopping small pieces of wood we found around the barn.

Then we had this!!


Yay! Then I loaded it up in the van to take home and paint! I looked on Pinterest again for more ideas for the Welcome sign and got the idea to put a little bird on. I white washed the wood and I used my usual pencil lead trick to stencil the letters and bird onto the wood and TADA! A welcome sign on a stand!



It turned out just the way I wanted it! And the best part is it’s got a little story about my Grandpa behind it, which makes it more loveable!

Another old piece of junk turned into a treasure! Now go find some old wood and make something cool! (Beware of huge carpenter ants!)

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    This is very cute, Esther. It would look good at any front door! Good Job!!!!

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